Our church offers a vibrant mix of young and old members, some of whom have been with us for more than 20 years. You’ll feel right at homein awarm and friendly environment, whether you are a first-time or returning visitor. We welcome you to join us in our weekly;Saturday(Sabbath) morning worship service and Bible study. We also have other programmes – check out our calendar of events for a detailed list. We look forward to hearing from and meeting you.




In early part of 1972, lay evangelism was organized by Southeast Asia Union College (SAUC) Church especially for Voice of Prophecy (VOP) students. The meeting was called the VOP Club, a study group led by Pastor Sim Chor Kiat, an intern pastor who was mentored by Pastor Ralph Neall, the pastor of SAUC Church. The club studied the book “Real Happiness is” (which is Steps to Christ by Ellen G White). Together with a few dedicated people namely, Birthie Chan and Dr Paul Genstler, the VOP club at 988 Upper Serangoon Road at the house of Robert Chan, attracted many young people.


In May 1972, a health effort called the Adventures in Better Living was held by Pastor Sim and Birthie Chan in the evenings for about four weeks at Punggol Community Centre which was a few metres away. Immediately following the health lectures by Dr. Genstler, evangelistic meetings were conducted at the house of the Chan family.


Subsequently a Sabbath School was conducted in the morning at the Chan’s house while a Branch Sabbath School was held at the same place in the afternoon. The little group continued to grow. Recognizing the limitations of fellowship in a member’s house for Sabbath School, the youth encouraged by the pastor, started to attend the divine service at SAUC. However, as the group matured, a few ministerial students from the college decided to organise a church company for the worshippers’ spiritual growth. Soon a full service was held at the place. As the meeting place was in the vicinity of Punggol, the group was known as the “Punggol” group.


The Punggol group had to move to various places for 30 yrs until August 2002 when they moved to their present location at 226 Yio Chu Kang Road. It was at 17 Chuan Hoe Avenue that the group was conferred company status by the then West Malaysia Singapore Mission in 1975. It was then that it adopted the name “Chuan Hoe Company”. In 1988, the Chuan Hoe Company was adopted into the sisterhood of churches.